Ethics and Underpants: The Truth About Where Australian Underwear Is Made
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Ethics and Underpants: The Truth About Where Australian Underwear Is Made

Today we're diving into a topic close to many Aussie hearts: where exactly are our undies made? Here's a curly question for ya: Are most Australian undies made overseas?

Understanding the origins of our clothing is about ethics, sustainability, and backing fair dinkum work practices. We're peeling back the layers in this article to see if certain popular Australian underwear brands are stitching their gear abroad.

Are Some Australian Underwear Brands Manufactured Overseas?

Back in 2021, a bit of a stink rose up around where our Aussie undies really come from. The whole thing blew up when one big undies brand took another to court, claiming they were fibbing about making their gear here when it was actually coming from overseas. The court case really shone a spotlight on those 'Made in Australia' tags that were, well, not exactly honest.

Turns out, even though these undies were being sold as the Aussie ideal, a peek at the label would show they were stitched up in China. This sparked a fair dinkum conversation about keeping things above board when it comes to selling our clothes. The legal tussle made headlines and had folks talking about the need for keeping it real with the claims they make, especially when Aussie pride is at stake.

The whole saga ended up pushing for more straight-up transparency in how we market our gear, making sure we're all playing fair and square with the consumers. It’s a heads-up that when it comes to where our clothes are made, we reckon the truth’s the way to go.


After digging into the details, we've found that indeed, some well-known Australian underwear brands are producing their products overseas. This revelation might ruffle a few feathers, challenging the image of these brands as the quintessential Aussie labels. It raises crucial questions about transparency in branding.

For those of us keen to support undies that are truly Aussie, it's a good nudge to look for labels that are upfront about their origins. If you are looking for a true blue Aussie brand, click here to check out Barramundies products.