Seriously, can you find anything truly made in Australia anymore? 

What the hell happened in the past few decades?... we like everyone else Australian Manufacturing "went global" and became, we'll, not Aussie. So devo. 

Go on - try and find a product that is 100% Australian... everything, is a little bit....hmmm.... lets be polite and say cheaper. 

And clothes, they are the worst. You cannot go up against Chyna and the 3rd world with less than a dollar a day pay, and kids working in factories so we can wear cheap, disposable rubbish. And we're not here to say don't buy that. But com'on, we gotta draw the line when many of these companies promote wokeness then have factories with nets around them them so people don't jump off the roofs. 

So what did we do? we went on a mission to bring back something that should have stayed Aussie. And that shit ain't easy. Took us a year to get above 90% of the stuff that goes into a pair of bloody simple undies to be found and made locally! So without making them $100 a pair, we're proud to present the most Aussie undies down under!   

Anyways, we did our best and hustled like Aussies. And No, we aint 100% yet, but we reckon we can push even closer as we grow. We will keep putting back into Australia, cos we actually give 2 shits about helping all Aussies.

We are here till we take over BONDS or fail trying.... AND NO they aren't the enemy, none of our competitors are. You decide where you put your hard earned cash. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET .... Either buy less shit, or buy AUSSIE.

Right now we are a piss in the ocean compared to the underwear market... but hey, you gotta start off a small fish to become a big fish. We've already won the hearts, minds (and balls) over a thousand Aussies donning our tackle boxes. Yep you pay a bit more, but know its only Aussies who have put hands on your Barramundies. 

Barramundies are from Aussies for Aussies. And we don't give a shit where you're from, or what you believe, if you're Aussie, you're Aussie. Argue if you want to, loose it if you need to... we get it - But in the end, grab a beer and a snag and get along.

We are all here for a short time, so make the most of it and support each other. And when you wake up in the morning, make sure the first thing that goes over your proud Aussie Tackle, is a pair of you beaut Barramundies. 

So what are you waiting for? Go on, get some.