Underwear Down Under: Unraveling Australian Slang for Undergarments
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Underwear Down Under: Unraveling Australian Slang for Undergarments

Australian slang weaves a variety of colloquial terms that are essential to daily banter. It's an important aspect of Aussie culture, shaping connections and conversations across the country. This article dives into one particular part of this linguistic tradition: underwear

Ever wondered, What do they call underwear in Australia? 

From the classic "undies" to the more playful "jocks," we’ll explore all these terms.

What Do They Call Underwear in Australia?

When you’re chatting with mates down under or just trying to get the lay of the land in Australian fashion, you might wonder, What do they call underwear in Australia? 

Well, it’s pretty straightforward with a touch of local flair. Let’s break down the everyday lingo Australians use for underwear:

  • Briefs and Boxers: In Australia, the go-to word for men’s underwear is "undies" or "jocks." "Jocks" can refer specifically to men’s briefs and is as common as backyard barbies. 
  • Women’s Underwear: Ladies’ undergarments are usually just called "undies" as well. There’s not as much variation in slang here, but you might hear some playful terms pop up now and then, especially in different groups or regions. 
  • Unisex and Generic Terms: For all genders, "undies" is the umbrella term that keeps things uncomplicated. Among the younger crowd or in pop culture, you might catch some newer slang bouncing around, which keeps the lingo fresh and fun.

These terms really shine a light on the laid-back, humorous spirit of Australian communication. The way Aussies talk about underwear reflects their general approach to life: don’t take it all too seriously and always keep a good sense of humour. 


So, what do they call underwear in Australia? We’ve seen that "undies" and "jocks" aren't just words; they are a playful peek into the Aussie way of life, reflecting the diversity and creativity of Australian slang. Understanding these terms offers a deeper appreciation of the informal, humorous fabric that makes up Australian culture. Curious to experience a bit of this Aussie charm yourself? Check out Barramundies products for a true taste of Australia’s laid-back style and lingo.