The Origin of Australian Undies: How Many Are Actually Made Overseas?
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The Origin of Australian Undies: How Many Are Actually Made Overseas?

Ever wondered where your Aussie undies are coming from? You might be tossing up between supporting local makers and snagging that overseas deal. Let's dive into the cozy world of Australian underwear, explore what's driving our choices, and tackle the burning question: How many of these undies are actually made overseas?

Are Most Australian Undies Made Overseas?

Are most Australian undies made overseas? Well, you might be surprised—or maybe not—that a fair chunk of them do come from places far from our sunny shores. Let’s take a little squiz at how things stand.

Once upon a time, Australia had a thriving textile manufacturing scene. It was all about local production. But as the world got more connected, things began to shift. The underwear market here started leaning heavily on global sourcing. Why, you ask? Mostly due to factors like cost, scalability, and accessing expertise that wasn’t readily available at home.

This global shift has had its impacts. Nowadays, if you pick up a pair of undies from major Aussie brands, chances are the label might spin you a yarn about being made in China or Bangladesh.

But what’s the average Aussie think about all this? Turns out, there's a fair bit of fondness for products made right here in the Land Down Under. Despite the overseas influx, many consumers still seek out locally made goods, hoping to support homegrown industries and jobs. So, are most Australian undies made overseas? Yep, quite a few of them are. 


Alright, wrapping it up, it turns out a decent number of our Aussie undies do indeed come from abroad—no big surprise there, but it’s something to chew on. If you’re keen to keep it local and support Aussie-made, why not check out Barramundies? We’re the real deal for true-blue Australian undies that might just be your new go-to.