How to Choose the Perfect Aussie Made Undies for Your Body Type
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How to Choose the Perfect Aussie Made Undies for Your Body Type

G'day! Let’s talk about something we all need but often overlook - underwear. Finding the right pair isn't just about covering your bits; it's a crucial step to feeling comfy and confident all day. And let's face it, when you're as relaxed as a koala in a gum tree, you're at your best. That's where Aussie-made undies come into play. Known for their top-notch quality and designed to suit our laid-back lifestyle, these undies are more than just a piece of fabric; they're a snug hug from Down Under.

Now, just like our diverse Aussie landscape, our body shapes vary wildly. Whether you're as sturdy as an Outback rock or as curvy as the Sydney Opera House, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Understanding your body type is key to finding undies that fit like they were made just for you.

Understanding Different Body Types

Think of body types as different types of Aussie landscapes. There's the apple shape, reminiscent of a plump, juicy Granny Smith, typically broader around the middle. Then there's the pear, akin to our lush, tropical rainforests, wider at the hips. The rectangle might remind you of our vast, open plains - evenly proportioned. And the hourglass? As iconic as the curves of the Great Ocean Road.

The trick is to find undies that complement your natural scenery. The right fit can make a world of difference in your daily walkabout.

Types of Undies and Suitable Body Types

  • Briefs: Think of these as your reliable ute – sturdy and supportive. Perfect for the apple-shaped bloke or sheila, they offer great coverage and comfort where it counts.
  • Boxers: These are like the wide, open spaces of the Outback, offering plenty of room and freedom. Ideal for rectangles, they provide comfort without the squeeze.
  • Trunks: Like a trusty caravan, trunks offer the best of both worlds – support and freedom. They're a beaut choice for hourglass figures, giving a smooth, snug fit.
  • Thongs/G-strings: These are as daring as surfing in Bondi – minimal and bold. Suited for those confident pear shapes, they eliminate any worry of visible lines.
  • High-waisted styles: Picture the Sydney Harbour Bridge – supportive and iconic. These are brilliant for hourglass figures, offering comfort and a flattering fit.


Choosing the right undies is more than a mundane decision; it's about feeling as brilliant as a sunny day at Bondi Beach. And when you go for Aussie made undies, especially the best Aussie undies from Barramundies, you're not just supporting local craftsmanship; you're treating yourself to a slice of comfort and quality that's as true blue as the Southern Cross.